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Services at DJ Park Equestrian

We pride ourselves on meeting our client's needs. Should you require assistance in an area not listed, please contact us to discuss how we can help.


Proud to be Stamanol's Voctorian Distributor

DJ Park uses STAMANOL for all of its horses and is proud to be a

 Victorian distributor. Inquire now for information or to place an order


"Sally is an excellent equestran instructor with a good eye for details whilst working with you to improve your riding- whether it's dressage or jumping. She is communicative and always has time for your questions. I am so happy I found Sally & DJ Park!"

Michaela Egevad Stevens, Melbourne


"I just wanted to again say thank you for the excellent care you took of Legs & Archie over their stays with you the last couple of years, the regular photos and updates were great and the care they received was first class. Your experience in suggesting changes to feed when needed to keep them in top condition and making sure their every need was met was very much appreciated, thankyou for taking care of them so well..."

Sara Scoble, Guilford, FIFO worker in WA

"I had a brilliant lesson with Sally this Sunday. She is truly a brilliant trainer as she manage to run a shared lesson with one of us doing pole work and I was doing straight ground work. We both left her lesson noting the improvements she had achieved for both of us. That takes skill!!!"

Bronwyn Friday, Oaklands

"Great news...When I got home tonight, I took Bridie to the round yard and did a short stint of ground work with her. Initially she was a little unsure... However we both stopped. I took a breath and refocussed, then had another go and WOW...She was perfect. She did exactly what I wanted. I used voice only to stop her and only my hands to change direction. She hooked on really well and needed nothing more than a cluck.

I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done. You've not only trained my horse but you have really enlightened me and taught me something completely new"

Heath & Bridie, Romsey

"OMG Sally he is the best horse ever now... I cannot believe it! I am so so so happy right now I can't even explain it! Thank you so so much again!"

Chelsea & Jackie, Kyneton

"I had an attack of anxiety rooted in stagnant energy sitting on my heart, solar plexus and throat. I’m a healer and teacher so I self diagnosed correctly yet I struggled to move this energy. Sally Hudson stepped in, she activated Reiki, to clear the energy and remove the negative emotions. It lifted quickly and I could breathe. Yet, there was a deeper pattern and she very expertly started a... healing, using a crystal to draw out the sticky energy stuck on my solar plexus. And WOW! It was a relief like no other, it was a miraculous healing. I will forever be grateful for this beautiful gift"

Firari Janudi, UK

Sally is a highly intuitive Reiki practitioner. Receiving a session from Sally supported a big shift within my mind, body and soul. I had been stuck for a while with moving forward. This session allowed me to deeply relax and create the space to open to new insights that have since supported me in finding a way forward, and more importantly, trusting that path. Sally is incredibly professional and honest in her approach and holds the space for whatever needs to unfold in a way that is safe and honouring of your own process. As a Reiki practitioner myself,  I am deeply grateful to the Reiki sessions I have received from Sally. If you are considering Reiki as an option then i highly recommend a session with Sally.

Jenny Mckenzie (Soulscape Reiki and Holistic Soulscape)

"Just a short thank you to Sally for her help with my mare. She came over with some essential oils to see which ones AJ took to...

The improvement in her has been excellent. No more angry horse, more contented. We put her and her paddock mate out in the hay paddock the other day. Normally she would try and herd the 2 yearlings and other mare, and try and assert her dominance... well none of that, very easy introduction. Thanks Sally"

Bruce Donaldson & AJ, Gisborne

"Captain was very interested in the Uplift EO yesterday. After a few deep snorts from his right nostril he sprung up (we were laying together) and ran after the other horses. I swear he was doing a horse version of skipping! He looked confident and happy"

Jen Maher & Captain, Oaklands

Lessons & Coaching

Regular lessons and coaching are an important aspect of riding, whether you are learning how to ride or an Olympian looking to fine tune your skills. Here at DJ Park Equestrian, we cater for beginners through to pony club/adult riders and more experienced competitors looking to improve and develop their skills. Whether you are wanting a lesson on one of our school horses or wishing to have a lesson on your own horse, our qualified instructors can help meet your needs and assist in improving your confidence, riding and/or horse management skills.

Principal coach, Sally Hudson, is not only qualified and highly dedicated to continuing professional development as a coach, mentor and facilitator, but utilises a uniquely intuitive and wholistic style which enables her to not only identify positional/physical or mental/emotional blockages which may be creating issues for the rider and/or horse, but to problem solve them and find a solution which may or may not involve a purely conventional "heels down/eyes up" coaching approach. There is more to riding than meets the eye, but a good eye for correct biomechanics with the partnership and a thorough understanding of how the horse needs to relax and engage in order to be functioning correctly is essential for a coach to be able to assist riders to gain greater balance, independence of seat and flexibility and horses to improve and stay sound. Come and experience the difference for yourself!


Coaching Options:

On Your Horse:   $95 Private 45 minute lesson @ DJ Park

                             $65 Shared hour/Private half hour @ DJ Park

                             $110 Private 45 minute lesson w. travel to you (limited radius)


On Our Horse:    $110 Private 45 minute lesson @ DJ Park

                            $80 Shared hour @ DJ Park (subject to second horse & rider


***Packages at discounted rates available- SHOP NOW***

***Contact us for details of availability for clinics or rally instruction***


We offer holiday/short term/long term agistment services to our clients. We cater for spelling horses through to owners looking to take advantage of our facilities. Partial or full care agistment is available. Your horse is fully supervised and its every need met by our experienced and professional staff. Regular feedback is provided with a personal touch. We can work your horse as a one off or on a regular basis. Discounted lessons are available to agistees. Places are limited. Please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a time to view our facilities.


Agistment Options:

$12.50/day - $375PCM- Spelling (Shared paddock, rugs checked & hard fed once daily [*OTSF])

$16.50/day - $500PCM- Private Spelling  (Private paddock, rugs checked & hard fed twice daily [*OTSF], paddock cleaned 2-3 times weekly)

$20/day - $605PCM- Private Full Care (As for Private Spelling, but with use of facilities)

$28/day - $845 PCM - Private 5* (As for Private Full Care, but with feed & worming supplied)

$11/night Yard Hire (Overnight yard use, can be fed [OTSF] owner to clean yard daily)

DIY Private Paddock with use of facilities available from $375PCM (plus $1.50 per additional service). Owner to clean paddock weekly, take rugs on/off and feed horse.

 *OTSF- Owner To Supply Feed

Training, Re-education & Rehabilitation

We offer a training service for horses, where your horse can come and stay for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months to further their training, education and fitness. We specialise in starting freshly broken horses, re-educating ex-racehorses and taking your horse from a basic education to a more supple and soft mount capable of using itself correctly and working towards more advanced levels. We can also help with rehabilitation and conditioning horses returning to work after an injury in a manner that sees them reclaim a level of fitness and strength that allows them to return to full work with minimal chance of re-injuring themselves. Regular feedback on progress is provided and your horse's every need is met by our professional and experienced staff. Horses can be campaigned on your behalf if required. Please contact us to discuss your specific goals and we can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.


Training Options:

$80session (@ DJ Park) walk in

$70/session (at DJ Park) with agistment @$13/day

$355/week (Private full care agistment; 5 training sessions per week; OTSF*)

$450/week (as for $355 training but with all feed & hay included)

*OTSF- Owner To Supply Feed

**Training packages can be tailored for your situation, contact us for options**


Reiki Sessions

As a certified Reiki Master, Sally is pleased to be able to offer this as a service for both human and equine clients. Reiki is a beautifully simple form of healing which can have profound effects, and it is becoming well recognised as a beneficial support for patients undergoing modern western medical treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. It promotes balance, harmony and a deep state of relaxation, which can lead to improved wellbeing, a calmer state of mind, reduced tension/stress/anxiety, pain relief, acceleration of the body's self-healing ability, improved sleep, assisting spiritual growth and emotional cleansing, and clearing of energetic blocks to promote a balance between body, mind and spirit. Sessions can be conducted in person, or at a distance so location is no barrier in you or your horse being able to benefit from a Reiki session. 

Sally has undergone comprehensive Equine & Human training,and now practices and teaches Tanran Reiki (an intuitive form of Reiki), and she utilises her intuitive abilities to customise the session to the client's needs. She can perform Reiki on any animal (not just horses) if their human requests.

Reiki Session Options:

@ DJ Park:  *Human session (~45-60mins) $110 

                     *Equine/animal session (~45mins but the animal will dictate how

                       long it wishes to receive Reiki for)  $110

                     *Equine and human Combined session (~60-75mins) $150

                     *Ridden Intuitive Coaching with Reiki session (45mins) $95 on your horse; $110 on one of ours

**NB Sally can travel to you, with a travel component added onto the cost-

    contact us with your location and requirements for a session price**

@Distance:  *Human or equine/animal session $90  (Includes a written report of

                       the session)

Contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to book a session

Essential Oil Consultation

Oils derived from plants have been used throughout history for thousands of years, and Essential Oils have been gaining popularity in recent times. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils derived through extraction methods from plants, and their chemical constituents (how and what they are made up from at a molecular level) mean that they can have a powerful effect on the human body when used topically (on the skin), or aromatically (inhaled). There is an ever growing body of scientific evidence studying their effects and benefits, and they can impact on the body both physically and emotionally. 

Because they are so concentrated, care must be taken to use them appropriately and safely, and as a certified Essential Oil Coach. Sally can assist in recommending which oils may be of benefit for your situation, and how to best use them safely. 

Horses can also benefit from Essential Oils, and at DJ Park we have been using them with our horses and client's horses since mid 2018 with some astounding results. 

A consultation can be done over the phone, via email or in person, and includes a full discussion of your requirements and what you are needing to achieve with either yourself and/or your horse, the benefits of essential oils for your situation, any contraindications or risks associated with their use, and 3-4 sample blends (3mL size) will be sent to you for you to try if you are in Australia at no extra cost. 

Essential Oil Consult:

$75 (includes 9-12mL of customised Essential Oil Blends)

**NB: Postage of the EO samples is included free in the cost of the EO Consultation

Contact us for your EO Consult or any questions, or visit the shop to browse and purchase our custom made  popular equine and human blends.

Or to view a great range of 100% pure, sustainably sourced Essential Oils that we use and recommend, which has a great associated loyalty and rewards program that will allow you to purchase these oils and products at the same price that we do, please click HERE or contact us with any questions)


We run regular clinics here at DJ Park and at other venues around Melbourne with resident EA Accredited coach, Sally Hudson. We also organise clinics with other top national and international coaches. See our News & Events page for dates and booking details.


Horse Sale & Matching Service

Whether you require a horse to be prepared for sale and sold on your behalf or are looking to purchase a new horse, we can help. Our network includes many other top riders and instructors who know of people looking to buy horses or horses that are currently for sale. And, word of mouth is always the best form of advertising! We believe that to sell a horse for the sake of a sale is bad for the horse, bad for the new owner and bad for our reputation. So, matching the right horse to the right rider is an important part of our sale process. We have many happy clients that have purchased our horses and many others have gone on to find their perfect 4 legged partner through our contacts.


Access to Equine Professionals

Whether you need to find a top vet, a top dentist or farrier, or an equine (or human) physical therapist who can find and fix those sore spots, we can help. We wouldn't recommend people we don't use ourselves. We regularly have top professionals visiting our horses at DJ Park which means you can tap into our network. Contact us for details of our regular providers and suppliers.


*Bill Stevens (Equine Muscle Therapist) Ph 0427 648 234) -TBA

*Andrew Bowe- Master Farrier (The Barefoot Blacksmith- - available 1-2times/month

*Brigitte Winter- Nationally qualified Barehoof Trimmer -available 1-2 times/month

*Dani Simmonds- Specialising in myofunctional therapy, craniosacral work&        homeopathy  (Ph 0419 519 538) -available on            demand

*Adele Edwards- Specialising in Pranic healing, Acupuncture, TCM techniques      and energetic Timeline Clearing of past traumatic events.  Check   our Events page for upcoming treatments dates and details. 

*Emma Loftus (Equinecs)- specialising in Cranio Sacral Therapy   Available on demand, and check our Events page for

  upcoming treatment days 

*Emma Crawford- Silent Voices Animal Communication  Check our Events page for upcoming clinics

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