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**Emma Crawford Chandler**
Silent Voices Animal Communication


THESE DAYS SELL OUT FAST- BOOK NOW to secure your spot


   Date:  25th & 26th July, 2020 

   Venue:  DJ Park; Oaklands Hunt Club

   Cost: $125 per reading

   Bookings: with Emma Direct


Ever wondered what your horse (or other animal!) is thinking, or how they perceive your world together? Or why they respond and behave the way they do in certain situations? The honesty of animals is second to none, and they say it exactly as it is! And Emma has the most incredible talent of being able to hear your horse talk!!

I know what you are thinking, and trust me- I was thinking the exact same thing. The science geek in me was VERY skeptical, but the readings I had done with some "test cases" here at DJ Park were astounding. And yes -I thoroughly and shamelessly tested Emma out to make sure she was the real deal... she is! A session with Emma has to be experienced to be believed, be it wanting to know what niggly pain your animal is experiencing, whether he/she likes their current living arrangements, whether they would like anything done differently- and an under saddle reading is like having a coaching session where your horse is the coach. I wouldn't hesitate to use Emma for any issue that I was experiencing where I need to know what's going on from the horse's perspective.




** Adele Edwards **


  Date: Saturday 7th March, 2020

  Venue: DJ Park, Bolinda

  Cost: $100 per horse, or $150 for horse + owner

  Bookings: Call/text Sally on 0412 615 039 to book a place


  Adele has an interesting background, and has been working with TCM modalities such as acupuncture, panic healing, ayurveda, and energy healing modalities for many years. She does what she calls "timeline healing", where she works to clear any energetic blockages that the horse is holding onto from past traumatic experiences. 

Again, Skeptical Sally put Adele to the test with a horse, telling Adele nothing except the horse's name, age, and partway through the session answered a question as to how long she had owned it. The difference in this horse throughout the session was UNBELIEVABLE, and he remained completely changed afterwards. But not only that, during the session, I realised how deeply this horse was connected to me because I started to feel changes in my body. 

After delving deeper into this "energy healing", I came to realise that it is actually being completely proved and validated by recent discoveries by scientists but moreso physicists- the realms of Quantum Physics is proving what TCM and Eastern Medicine practitioners have known and documented for over 5000 years- everything is connected through an energetic field, and these same energetic fields are how things like Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Reiki, other energy modalities and all the other "alternative" therapies that have been pooh poohed by Western Allopathic Medicine for decades work. 

All of these things help when trying to get to the root cause of an issue, and the changes that our horses and I personally have experienced through working with Adele since February 2018 have been not only mind blowing, but life changing in the most positive way imaginable. 

Adele is amazing. Come experience her gifts for yourself- you won't be disappointed.












*Tanja Mitton (Equestrian Success & Mindset) Clinic**



   Date:  TBA- 

   Venue:  El Castillo- Lancefield

   Cost: $115 per private 45min lesson; $60 per shared 45min lesson        plus $20 facility fee 


  Tanja trained in Germany and qualified as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Coach. She has a unique ability to combine fundamentals of rider position with the influence of the human mind to create more confidence, more harmony, and more riding success. The lessons focus on improving communication between rider and horse based on rider position, balance, clear aids and mind connection. Referred to as "the rider-fixer-upperer-extraordinaire" she is truly amazing!

** Sally Hudson School Holiday Clinics**

Date: School Holidays - dates TBA

  Venue: DJ Park, Bolinda

  Cost: $75 per day (2 ridden/horsemastership sessions, 1 theory session over lunch)

  Bookings: Call/text Sally on 0412 615 039 to book a place


  Sally has been teaching for over 20 years, and brings a wealth of experience to these clinics. She has competed successfully at FEI level eventing, trained extensively with the likes of Megan Jones, Amanda Ross, Ben Netterfield, Wil Enzinger, Adam Wootten, Jill Sinclair and Jamie Coman (to name a few) and takes a keen interest in continuing to learn new and improved ways to prepare and manage her competition horses. These clinics are perfectly suited to those who are wishing to extend their eventing knowledge of riding dressage tests, performing jumping rounds, and caring properly their horses before, during and after the competition, and they include fun and practical lessons that cover off on many different aspects of owning and riding a horse.


Each of the days will consist of 2 ridden/practical horsemastership lessons and a theory lesson which will be aimed at helping riders to improve their performance at their next competition and their overall knowledge and skills. Lessons include dressage lessons, ringcraft & arena etiquette, jumping lessons with correct classical rider position the main focus, road rules and riding out on the road safely, preparing a horse for competition, horse fitness, correct feeding and nutrition, horse& stable management, and much more. Riders of all ages and experience levels are catered for with lessons adapted accordingly. We can provide horses if your child doesn't have their own, contact us to discuss how we can help make this work for your child.



**Megan Jones Clinic**



Date: Stay tuned for further dates...

Venue: TBC

Cost: $200 for a private flat and shared jumping lesson; $75 per group jumping lesson (Showjumping and Cross Country groups available)

Bookings: Call/text Sally on 0412 615 039 to secure your place. Pre payment required to confirm your place, no refunds if unable to attend unless a replacement rider is found.


Olympic Silver Medallist Megan is one of Australia's best known eventing riders. Based at Kirby Park in Handorf, SA, Megan has been training and producing top level eventing horses for over 20 years. She was named Equestrian Australia Coach of the Year 2013, and is well regarded as a brilliant coach who has a fantastic ability to not only produce riders with the super skills, but also to train them to get the best out of their horses. We are fortunate to have Megan come to Victoria regularly for clinics, and this is an opportunity not to be missed if you are serious about wanting to improve your eventing skills.






MARCH 2020: We are well into things here at DJ Park for 2020, with several clinics having being hosted already, and upcoming clinics with Adele Edwards and the Tanran Equine Reiki Level 1 course both happening again here in March. There are a few spots available at both still, see above for details on booking in to either clinic.

We are currently booked out for horse training options until the end of April, an we are also at currently at capacity with long term agisters. If you would like to book your horse for short term agistment, or discuss going onto the waiting list for long term agistment or your horse to come here for training, please Contact Us. While we still have daylight savings, I am available for evening lessons (on your horse or one of ours), and if you would like to discuss coming for lessons during the week or on a weekend, please also feel free to Contact Us.

I also have several clients who will be looking for horses of their own in the upcoming months, so if you are looking to sell or lease a reliable and sound schoolmaster, please send through the details to me.

JAN 2020: Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had a good Xmas and New Year, and haven't been impacted by the terrible fires burning throughout the country. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all those who have been impacted. We experienced having to evacuate Eden from our annual break this year, which was eye opening to say the least. However, we got to spend a few unplanned days with good friends up on the Murray River, which meant we still had a bit of a break from the DJ Park routine.

Horses are coming and going for training, we currently have a waiting list for horses coming in for training, so Contact Us if you would like to place your horse on the list. We have quite a few of our own horses back in work, giving lessons as school horses, we have several coming up for sale soon, and there may even be the possibility of a competition or two on the horizon.... (Shhh... no one tell The BURT ;p ) Stay tuned for details.

**If you wish to book in for a coaching session, either on your horse, one of ours, or even a session just with you to help work through any "stuck" parts of your life, or you wish to experience a Reiki session, or have an Essential Oils consultation please also Contact Us to book a session. 

MARCH 2019: Another year has passed, and some of our DJ Park youngsters are out and about competing and having great fun with their riders! DJ Monte Fiore is competing in Interschools and Dressage with her young rider, Ella Berry with great success. DJ Brilliant Future and Hannah Woodcock have consolidated after competing at the Melbourne International 3DE Young Horse class last year, and are travelling beautifully around Intro level Eventing and will be stepping up to Prelim in the very near future, with a view to going 1* later this year.  DJ Ringmaster (previously DJ Metal Edge) and his young rider Hannah Conlon have also consolidated and are competing up to 1.05m Showjumping classes in SA with increasing success. 

We are currently looking for riders for several more of our youngsters, for more information please Contact Us or call Sally direct.

MARCH 2018:

Things are getting back into full swing at DJ Park! Head trainer/coach Sally Hudson is back teaching both onsite and as a guest instructor at outside clinics and rallies, horses are coming back into full work, and we need to make room for the youngsters who are ready to be broken in. This means that we have several fantastic opportunities for young riders or more experienced competitiors to take on some of our slightly older horses for campaigning either to sell on our behalf, or with a view to purchase a share in and take through to top level. Several of our favourite horses, including DJ Brilliant George and DJ Monte Fiore have already been snapped up and are performing sensationally with their new riders- if you are keen to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation and how we might be able to create a win-win scenario.


JUNE 2017:

Things just continue to roll on at DJ Park! The arrival of our first 2 legged baby last March saw some changes to our routine, we have had several of our youngsters started by the amazing Bruce O'Dell, some of our homebred DJ Park youngsters have commenced their competitive careers and we have held numerous hugely successful clinics with the amazing Tanja Mitton in recent months. With the return of head trainer/coach Sally Hudson from maternity leave expect to see more competition updates in the coming months! 

*All our training spots are currently booked out until the end of July 2017, but if you would like your horse placed on the waiting list please contact us on 0412615039 to secure your place



Well a busy year has passed with more clinics, more training, more horses arriving and departing, the arrival of our gorgeous filly DJ De Soir (DJ Jacques De Noir (Despeados/De Niro/Monopol/Matcho AA) x Next Millenium (McCartney/Souvenir/Better Boy) and the announcement that our curent breeding program features no 4 legged babies but instead a 2 legged one! As such, our availability for taking horses in for training will be limited until April 2016, but we have 2 extra agistment spots available. Contact us for details



DJ Park currently has a place available for one horse to come for training. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to see how we can help.




DJ Park is proud to announce that BEST EQUESTRIAN is now sponsoring us! We are very excited about our latest sponsor, as we have been using the Best Equestrian products for some time now and have found the range to be absolutely top quality, but without the top end price tag usually associated with such fantastic quality tack. Best Equestrian leave no stone unturned in their quest to be the best- the gear fits extremely well, is beautifully made, and the service is fantastic. Check out their website for some great deals, and stay tuned for some exciting new arrivals to their range in the coming months! Sally Hudson and DJ Park thank Best equestrian for their support for the year ahead.
















AUGUST 2014:

*We currently have one place available to take a horse in for training. Contact us if you would like to take advantage of this opening


*Our horses have been back out competing after a dry spell. Aurum Brilliant Flood (Miss Bobbi) behaved very well at her first ever outing at the Bacchus Marsh Pony Club Horse Trials, and it was a great learning experience for her. We took Leylandi Downs Beaumont, owned by Aleesha Asciak, along for a start, and he led from start to finish and brought home the rug. A successful weekend, and a big thank you to Bacchus Marsh Pony Club for a well organised and run event, and to easysheds for their sponsorship and support of the event











JULY 2014:

DJ Park is proud to announce that we are now sponsored by Comfort Gut Australia!

Comfort Gut is a steam activated carbon product which we have been using on all our performance horses, and any horse that exhibits nervousness, stressy behaviour, signs of stomach discomfort or general lack of well-being. The results have been ASTOUNDING- we cannot recommend this product highly enough. The stressy nervous horses are more settled, the horses who have always had loose droppings are passing normal "healthy" looking droppings for the first time, the ones that wind sucked or cribbed have stopped, the ones that just weren't right and were grumpy and unhappy are back to looking awesome and acting like their normal happy selves. This product is totally chemical free, can be used with all horses, and it is so good that I will personally offer a money back guarantee on it to anyone who buys through us! If you do not see positive results within 2 weeks of using Comfort Gut according to the instructions, I will buy back your unused portion. See the information on this page for further details and contact us to try it for yourself


JUNE 2014:

We are very pleased to announce that DJ Park is now a distributor for STAMANOL! All DJ Park's horses are on Stamanol, they have never looked or felt better, and we unreservedly recommend it as the best organic vitamin and mineral supplement that we have ever used- AND it offers amazing value for money! See the information on this page or contact us for further details


MAY 2014:

*DJ Park Equestrian training services are still booked out, contact us to have your horse added to the waiting list. We have recently successfully assisted in the rehabilitation of a chronically lame horse, returning her to her owner after 6 weeks of fitness and conditioning work sound and ready to go on with. We are currently breaking in two of our youngsters, and have several freshly started horses here to continue their education in anticipation of their owners continuing on with their competitive careers.


JAN 2014:

We have completed 4 more electrobraid paddocks, which gives us a total of 8 beautifully fenced private paddocks for horses in training. The shade trees are starting to grow and will be lovely next summer for the horses to stand under, this year they are making use of their shelters for shade. We have been full over the summer period with horses here for rehabilitation and training, as well as our own horses, so if you would like to book a place for your horse to come for training contact us to arrange your horse to be put on the waiting list.


DEC 2013:

Our For Sale page has been recently updated, please feel free to browse through and see the horses that we are currently offering to approved homes. If there is something you are specifically looking for and nothing appears to match your criteria, please contact us to see if we may know of something to suit your needs.


**IT'S A GIRL!!!!**

DJ Graced With Brilliance was born just before midnight Monday 9th Decenber. We were hoping for a filly, and what a filly we got! Perfectly conformed, gorgeous head and markings, beautifully put together, super movement and the friendliest temperament you can imagine. This little lady is stunning and has won the hearts of everyone who meets her. At this stage she is not for sale, as we wish to retain the mare's bloodlines, but watch out for her in the coming years as she will be a cracking performance horse in eventing or showjumping. And if you come to visit, it is compulsory to go and say hello to Gracie and scratch her itchy spots!! Photos are here


SEPT 2013:

*The 2013 foaling season is fast approaching, and DJ Park's lovely mare Next Millenium is expecting a foal to Aurum Brilliant Cut. This will be her second foal to this stallion, her first, the stunning DJ Brilliant Future is available for sale.

*Our first 4 private paddocks with post and rail/ ELECTROBRAID fencing have been completed. These paddocks are meticulously maintained for horses in training, and the electrobraid fencing is both extremely secure and safe for horses. Thanks to Allison and Ralph at Platinum Equine for their professional advice and fantastic service with the installation of the new fencing. Each paddock features a shelter and they are regularly rested for optimal grass growth. Visit Platimum Equine at


AUG 2013: The roundyard has been completed! Fully surfaced, fully enclosed, floodlit and a massive 20x20m with the corners cut off, this hexagonal arena is big enough to ride in and perfect for starting youngsters or lunging in.


JULY 2013: We are pleased to advise that we are now able to accomodate outside horses for training! Contact us for a spot as they are limited

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First outing Bacchus Marsh HT
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