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Why do I use and recommend doTERRA essential oils?


In a nutshell, I’ve found that doTERRA have a great network with awesome people and information readily available, their website is super easy & user friendly, and their rewards program & Product of the Month offer mean that anyone who enrolls by purchasing an enrollment kit gets to take advantage of the same lower prices and great rewards & advantages whenever they purchase that I do when I purchase through doTERRA. The prices aren’t the cheapest you can get, but they certainly aren’t the most expensive!!, and the company sources sustainably produced oils, which are 100% pure (no nasties added in at any stage of the production), and they support farmers and communities in the regions that they source their oils from (as opposed to coming in as a large company and taking advantage of underprivileged communities).


There are some other good local companies around, but you really need to do your research with regards to where they source their oils, how the plants that the oils come from are grown and produced, and whether the oils are cut with other undisclosed carriers or fillers. By using doTERRA it takes the headache and work out of sourcing oils that are what they claim to be - 100% pure and unadulterated. I also use oils from Young Living, Ahimsa, as well as several other companies which I have extensively researched, but for ease of purchasing, a fabulous range of single oils and pre-made blends, free oils and a great rewards program and a great range of 100% pure EO's, doTERRA is my top choice. Please note- if you choose to purchase doTerra's essential oils through my link below, I may make a small commission on some of your purchases, which helps me to continue to educate myself and others, provide great free information, be available for chat to answer any questions you may have at no charge, and support my family and the DJ Park horses 


To get started:

1) Click on, then click on “Join & Save” (second tab up the top) There’s also some great info on what is an essential oil, and why doterra on the main part of the page, as well as other great info in the other tabs that you can view

2) Select English for preferred language and Australia for country to ship products to

3) Select ‘Local (OTG) Order” 

4) Select “Wellness Advocate” because this gives you all the benefits of the wholesale account, but also allows you to share the doTerra oils with other people down the track should you decide to do so (no obligation or pressure to at all, but it gives you the option at no extra cost)

5) Fill in your personal details. Under “Please enter your sponsor ID” check it has 5008651 Sally Hudson in both boxes

6) Select your chosen enrolment kit (the Home Essentials kit w/Petal Diffuser is the most popular option and gives you a great value diffuser as well as 10 essential oils that are BRILLIANT around the house), and add any additional products that you wish to purchase to your order, and your billing address then click “Process Order Now”

7) Enter your payment details 

8) If you wish to set up an LRP (Loyalty rewards program) order and participate in earning free product points, you can do so now, or just skip this step and set it up later if you prefer. 


Please call me if you have any issues or questions at all. I’ll also send you an email with some great info and 150 uses for the Home Essentials kit to help you get started!


Thanks for your interest and support, I look forward to helping you get started with your Essential Oily journey- it’s a lot of fun, and I know that you and your family will benefit greatly from the oils.


     Sally x

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