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Pink Hoof Clay is used to alleviate general hoof and skin conditions in equines


Pink Hoof Clay can be used with any condition is horses which requires the protective benefits of a clay barrier, and the healing power of essential oils. It acts as a barrer to infection, forming a protective poultice which stays in contact for approximately 12 hours before drying an naturally flaking off, degrading into the ground. It provides a long contact period- the clay seals and protects whilst the essential oils penetrate deeply to challenge any bacteria present. Even after the clay has flaked off, the essential oils continue to work for up to 3 days. 

Pink Hoof Clay is a totally natural, eco-friendly product containing bacteria busting essential oils and natural clay. Ideal for hooves, soles, frogs, hoof walls, white line areas, and can be used on any small nicks, grazes or wounds or other skin conditions. 



  • Use a brush to paint the Pink Hoof Clay on, or pack into any cavity. 
  • No bandaging required
  • Stand the animal on a dry surface for 10 minutes to allow the drying process to start



Natural clay, essential oils of tea tree, lavender & cedarwood

500g Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay

SKU: PHC 500
AU$89.00 Regular Price
AU$75.00Sale Price
  • Price includes postage & handling

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