Vanilla Mozi Insect Repellent Soy Wax Spa Cup Candle


The Spa Cup Soy Wax Candle provides a bit of luxury to your home and outdoor areas. The candle is infused with the beautiful Vanilla Mozi scent which repels mosquitos from the immediate area. Each candle has a minimum burn time of 13 hours and are available in six packs. Protects Naturally.

Mozi Repellent that ACTUALLY WORKS! 

• CHEMICAL FREE - all natural ingredients, not tested on animals, repels mozzies and midges 
• Aussie made 
• Suitable for babies, children and adults alike 
• Works in even the most tropical conditions 
• Vanilla smells good enough to eat! 
• Candles that leave a delicious vanilla scent in the room, but work brilliantly to repel mozzies 

Vanilla Mozi Soy Wax Spa Cup Candles Single

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