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*Are you feeling frustrated, annoyed, or stuck with an issue or challenge continually occuring with your horse, or in your life?


*Is your horse playing up and being anxious, resistant, distracted constantly or downright annoying?


*Do you want to ride, but find that crippling nerves or anxiety is preventing you from getting on or enjoying riding your horse?


*Do you ever have trouble focussing, get distracted easily or feel like your brain is so busy that you can't stay focussed on what you want to achieve?


*Do you ever feel anxious but don't know why, or can't get rid of that awful feeling in your body that comes with the anxiety?


*Do you know what you want to do or achieve, but can't seem to get out of your own way to get there? Are you aware of self sabotaging behaviours that keep pulling you back into a pattern of behaviour that doesn't serve you anymore?


*Do you feel like something is blocking you from moving past this obstacle that is in your path and preventing you from achieving your goal, but you can't work out what that "something" is?


*Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING to overcome these issues, but that nothing is working, and you are so sick and tired of being stuck?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, or any of this resonated for you,  then this Transformational Coaching package may be just what you are looking for to overcome the issue you are facing, and start moving towards your goal! And it's not just for horse riders or lovers... ANYONE can gain huge benefits from this program!


Sally specialises in helping her clients to identfy what is blocking them or holding them stuck, releasing the negative thoughts or emotions, healing the root cause of the subconscious beliefs that cause the negative thoughts/emotions or limiting patterns of behaviour in the first place, and replacing the old way of being with new ways that allow the client to think, feel and behave how they WANT to. Clients can transform themselves and their lives, and find a new way of being that allows them to experience ease, happiness and harmony... and to rediscover a passion and excitement for life that they had forgotten was even possible. Discovering how they can deepen their relationship with themselves, their horse, and those around them can bring a newfound joy and an ability to remain neutral and much less impacted  by the noise and drama of the world around them. 


Contact us to book in for a free Discovery Session to explore whether this may be what you need to transform YOUR life!



"I worked with Sally Hudson to restore peace for myself with a major frustration, in one session. She was quick and effective. Sally worked with ease to get me to the source of my discomfort. Then she took me through her process to get a new and beautiful awareness, immediately. I had relief and a clear path forward. She is highly skilled and warm."

Ros, Castlemaine


"It was an absolute pleaseure working and connecting with Sally who is a truly inspiring woman! She has helped me shift my perspective and view the world in a way where my life has changed for the better. The whole experience was wholesome and I was able to learn so much about myself. I highly recommend Sally to anyone who is open to transforming their life."

TA, Melbourne


"Sally Hudson has a natural ability to sense precisely what is stuck or damaged within you. Sally works collarboratively with her clients at an energetic level to release emotional block and successfully heals them at the root cause. Sally has guided the process of healing my own emotional blocks in a gentle and non-judgemental manner whch has led to an incredibly positive experience. Personally, the work I have done with Sally has not only proved invaluable in my riding but her diverse approach has ultimately changed my life." 

Lucy, Pascoe Vale


"Sally has a way to understand both you and your horse, the environment gives you a safe feeling. The knowledge that Sally holds in both horses and people is something that we can all learn from."

Abby, Melbourne


" was an amazing lesson. I don't even know how to describe what happened... we kind of went from one feeling to the next to get to the core of my fear then back up the other side.

What I found interesting, was that when we moved the mental block to mounting, physically it was easy. I usually struggle to get on, and get on like a lump of lard. Once I was lighter mentally, my body was too. 

I thought I was getting old and losing dexterity! Nope, body was tense and blocking me"

MR, Melbourne

Transformational Coaching Package 10 Sessions

  • Transformational Coaching 10 session package; ~15 hours @$150/hour (value $2250) *Discounted rate $1750 if paid upfront ($500 or20% saving) *Payment plan available of $330 payable in 6 weekly instalments (Total $1980)


    T’s & C’s:

    -Sessions on DJ Park Equestrian’s horses (if chosen as part of the package) are subject to suitable weather conditions and a suitable horse being available. Should unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather mean a ridden session cannot be held at DJ Park Equestrian for the allocated appointment, an online session shall be offered in lieu of a ridden session, or the session will be rescheduled to a mutually suitable time without penalty or extra charge.


    -An indemnity waiver is required to be filled in and signed prior to any equine assisted session at DJ Park Equestrian.


    -The client acknowledges that they are agreeing to undertake Transformational Coaching with DJ Park Equestrian of their own free will, and understands that no guarantee of any particular outcome is warranted by DJ Park Equestrian. They understand that Transformational Coaching requires their own input and that they need to take action themselves in order to facilitate real changes in their life following their coaching sessions.


  • -Package may be cancelled within 48hours after the first session by notifying DJ Park Equestrian in writing, and a full refund less $250 shall be given. No refund shall be given for any cancelled sessions after this time.

    -48hours notice is required for rescheduling sessions with no penalty; sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or with a medical certificate will be charged a $65 surcharge; sessions cancelled with less than 24hours notice will be charged a $125 cancellation fee

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