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45 minute session @ DJ Park on a Schoolhorse; OR @ your place on your own horse

(within limited travel radius of DJ Park)


"The world is changing. Over the last few years I've seen a huge shift, and so many horses are no longer just meeting their owners at whatever level of awareness or consciousness the owner is at... More horses are starting to force their owners to pay attention, "level up" and learn how to follow their inner voice when it tells them that something isn't right with their horse or the connection that they have with their horse.


I believe that our horses are here to teach us... to show us the way... to highlight what areas we need to work on within ourselves. The big question is this... Will we listen? Will we follow their lead, and look within to follow our intuition, and remember how to hear the guidance of our inner voice?"


Sally Hudson (FEI level competitor, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Lifelong Student)



Sally's journey dramatically changed direction in 2012 when she had a bad fall off a young horse, resulting in her being airlifted to hospital with a brain bleed. She realised that her awareness of reading a horse's body language had some big gaps, despite her having spent over 30 years riding, owning, working with horses and competing at the higher levels.


Her recovery led her down a path of having to re-learn everything she had previously taken for granted… she had to re-member how to feel safe on a horse again and re-find her balance, during which time she experienced the depths of depression and anxiety. Her quest to overcome these challenges led her down many rabbit holes, including horsemanship and groundwork, NLP& mindset coaching, horse anatomy & biomechanics, rider anatomy & biomechnics, intensive breath work, colour codings and chakra clearing, meditation & mindfulness, Photonic Therapy, Essential Oils, and working with some of Australia's best coaches, equine professionals and healers.


In 2018 she connected with energy healing in a big way, and came across the modality of Reiki. This had a profound effect on her life, and helped her to finally climb out of the black hole which had held her trapped for several years, and to overcome depression and anxiety. Her journey of becoming a certified Reiki Master opened up new abilities which led to her coaching and horse training encompassing a much higher intuitive level. Many horses coming to DJ Park for training were relaxing almost immediately, and subsequently sharing information with Sally that allowed her to suggest often simple changes which helped their owners to overcome challenges which they had been experiencing.


She realised that many clients who were finding her didn't have a horse issue, but in fact their horse had a human issue… the horses were mirroring their owner's physical, mental and/or emotional blockages, and highlighting subconscious limiting beliefs that needed to be addressed through means outside the "conventional riding lesson" methods that she had been taught and always used.


Sally felt she needed some new tools in her toolbox to help these clients to overcome the blocks that were preventing them from developing a truly harmonious connection with their horses, which led her to further studies in the area of NLP and human matrix therapy, as well as advanced energy healing techniques. Wth this new direction, she was finally able to reconcile her scientific brain and background in the medical profession with her newfound spiritual awareness and energy work through truly understanding that everthing is just energy, and the realm of Quantum Physics explained what much of the modern "science based evidence" couldn't. And of course, having a science background, she used herself as a guinea pig to test out how focussing on inner work could release those blockages, and enhance and deepen her connection with the horses!


Her quest in this area is ongoing- every time she feels she has reached a new level of awareness, the horses continue to step up and show her how she can elevate herself and her abilities to even greater heights. She has found that by conducting her coaching sessions in Reiki and using her intuition and High Sense Perception, her clients are experiencing profound shifts in their awareness of blocks (be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual/energetic), and in their ability to affect transformational shifts in their lives, and to deepen their connection with their horses too.


If you would like to experience a Ridden Reiki session with either you riding your horse, or Sally working with your horse, or you would like to know more to see whether this may be for you, feel free to contact us to arrange a session or a time for a conversation.


45 Minute private lesson on your horse horse within 20 minute travel radius of DJ Park; T's & C's apply

Ridden Reiki Session

  • Sessions are valid for a period of one year from purchase. Sessions are dependant on weather (if ridden or utilising a horse) and on any external factors which may prevent them from running, and in the event of needing to postpone or reschedule, DJ Park Equestrian will contact you to arrange another time.

    Please contact us to arrange a mutually suitable time for your session 

    If you cancel or reschedule a session, a cancellation/rescheduling fee will apply for the booked session as per the following conditions:

    -Rescheduling a session with >48 hours notice- no fee

    -Cancelling a session within 24-48 hours of the booked time- 30% of session price payable as a rescheduling fee

    -Cancelling a session with less than 24 hours notice of the booked time- full session price will be forfeited as a cancellation fee

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