Lesson @ DJ Park on your own horse


Come and visit us at DJ Park to exprience a lesson on your own horse with a difference- YOU are the focus of the lesson!


Our principal instructor, Sally Hudson, will guide you through releasing any blockages or tension that you may be holding in your body, assist with mindset tools to help you overcome any confidence or self limiting belief challenges, and provide techniques to help you find or improve your core strength, balance and timing of the aids (signals) that you give to the horse. Your horse will provide invaluable feedback to let you know how you are going and when you are on the right track! 


"Sometimes people say 'Oh horse riding is easy- you just sit there and the horse does all the work!' But what those people don't realise is that in order to sit there in perfect balance,  without blocking and to have it look as though the horse does all the work takes an incredible amount of core strength, baance, and the ability to switch on certain areas of your body whilst totally relaxing other parts. Horse riding is like extreme pilates and yoga combined, whilst trying to maintain perfect balance on a living, breathing, moving animal with a mind of its own!!

I challenge anyone who thinks that horse riding is easy to come and have a lesson with me, and we will see whether they still thnk it's easy afterwards..."

(Sally Hudson, FEI level competitor, NCAS Level 1 coach)


45 Minute private lesson on your own horse


Bulk Buy Value packs also available

Lesson BYO horse @ DJ Park