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Introduce your Equine Partner to the Amazing Benefits of 100% Pure Essential Oils with a custom blend by The Horse Hippies


Bitch-B-Gone (BBG) is a must have EO Blend for mare owners! A blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils diluted in a carrier oil, so it is suitable for aromatic use (directly inhaling or diffusing) or topical use (applied to skin). The oils in this blend have the following properties:

  • Hormone balancing- helps ease the symptoms of PMS & hormonal moodiness and balance emotions
  • Calming-helps to promote calmness, promotes feelings of self-love, joy, confidence & peace
  • Stress relieving- helps to relieve feelings of anxiety, tension & stress 


Method of Use:

Offer uncapped bottle to the horse to smell, observe to see its reaction. If you get a positive reaction (it keeps coming back for more, gives a release like licking, chewing or a big breath out, tries to eat the bottle) place 1 drop on the horse's forehead, or you may choose to place a drop on your wrists or top instead. May be used when needed as indicated by the horse's strong interest up to 3-4 times per day. If horse shows disinterest, do not apply topically or force horse to inhale.


Customer Testamonials: 

"AJ is definately shifting her attitude. She's not angry, the bitch may be going!!" (Bruce, Gisborne)


"Foxy was much less agressive towards the other horses after using BBG once a day for 3 days, normally she tries to kick them if they even think about annoying her but she's much more chilled. She is looking for it whenever I go near her, and tries to eat the bottle!" (Mel, Bolinda)


"She kept trying to eat the bottle when I offered it to her to smell- she couldn't get enough and was much calmer and concentrating on me for the ride after using Balanced Equine"


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have been used for body, mind and spirit for thousands of years throughout history, and are the subject of over 17,000 medical studies, with many therapeutic benefits being proved through science based research. 


Essential Oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers, bark and resin of plants and herbs. They are highly concentrated, so a little goes a very long way, and depending on their chemical composition may have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Studies have proven that many oils have antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing, healing and energsing properties (just to name a few).  Every oil used in The Horse Hippies blends has been carefully selected from companies which only produce Essential Oils of the highest quality, and who farm and harvest the oils organically, sustainably and without the use of pesticides/herbicides, fillers or synthetic solvents. Using oils of the highest quality is extremely important, because these volatile oils have such a tiny molecular structure that they are readily absorbed through the skin when used topically, and through the nasal passage directly into the limbic (emotional) system of the brain when inhaled- you do NOT want to inadvertently expose yourself to toxic substances by using low quality Essential Oils which are supposed to be enhancing yours, your family or your equine partner's wellbeing.



HH EO Blend- Bitch-B-Gone 2mL

  • Essential Oil Safety Guidelines:

    *Only use 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils from companies whose farming and production methods you have researched and trust 

    *Ensure the oils that you are using have MS/GC test results available, preferably by way of third party independant testing

    *Use appropriate dilution if using topically

    *Avoid sun exposure if using EO's containing coumarins or furocoumarins topically such as expressed citrus EO's

    *Avoid contact of EO's with eyes, ears and musous membranes

    *Do NOT ingest without consulting your doctor or trusted health professional

    *If pregnant, consult your doctor or trusted health professional before using EO's

    *If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor or trusted health professional

    *Always consult your doctor or trusted health professional for diagnosis and advice on treating any illness or medical conditions

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