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Have you heard about "the healing powers of Essential Oils" and would like to know more? Are you drawn to support your family's health and wellbeing through more natural means? Do you have an interest in trying out Essential Oils, but have no idea where to start, or which Essential Oils to try? Don't stress- you aren't alone! 


There is much hype about EO's, with jokes abounding about "there's an oil for that!"... but for good reason! Prior to the discovery of antibiotics and creation of modern pharmaceutical medicines, people used plants and plant extracts in the form of tinctures, herbal teas and essential oils extracted from the plants as their medicines and healing remedies and to support their health. As someone with a Bachelor in Applied Science, I like to see the scientific evidence behind things, and there is no shortage of studies and research into the modern day super concentrated Essential Oils, and their chemical constituents. The vast majority of synthetic pharmaceutical medicines are based on plant extracts and their chemical components, but the pharmaceutical companies tend to focus on only the major chemical component in a plant and develop a medication using one or two of these components. Essential Oils from plants are literally made up of dozens of different chemical components, all of which work synergystically together to support the body, and are completely synthesised by the body because they are naturally occuring molecules as opposed to synthetic man made ones which the body doesn't recognise and cannot metabolise or breakdown. Many people are using Essential Oils in their everyday lives, and finding that the oils can replace toxic chemical cleaners, as well as be used in a myriad of different ways aromatically and topically to help support the mind and body. They by no means replace modern medicine, and if you have serious or ongoing health concerns you should always consult your trusted medical practitioner, but EO's can work really effectively to support and help people to attain, regain and maintain wellness and a balanced mind and body - naturally.


As a certified Essential Oils Coach, I have the knowledge, education and practical experience required to guide you along the path. Safety considerations are paramount, knowing how, when and in which ways to use Essential Oils is also important, but knowing what your circumstances are and what you wish to accomplish with Essential Oils (be it with detoxifying your home, physical support, emotional wellbeing or to support your family in numerous other ways) is vital in order for you to know which oils will be ideal for your needs. I am also very experienced with using the oils with horses, so I can guide you with using Essential Oils with your equine partner as well.


During this half hour phone, skype or in person consult, we will discuss your situation and how you would like to use EO's to support you, as well as any concerns you may have, and I will explain the different ways you can safely use essential oils in your home, and suggest some oils that you may like to try. You may choose to discuss any issues you are experiencing with your horse as part of this consultation.


I will then customise up to 4 Essential Oil blends in 2-3mL sample bottles to send out to you for you to trial at no extra cost, and if you then wish to purchase any full sized 5-10mL oils you will receive a 15% discount  on your purchase. Although I source and use EO's from multiple sources, you can find out which Oils I use and recommend as a great value-for-money starting point by following the link under Essential Oils Consultation on the Services page of this website (in the line directly above the "Clinics" headng), which you can find by going to


All the Essential Oils that I use and recommend are sourced ethically and sustainably, and are grown and  produced without the use of chemicals. 


I look forward to chatting with you about how Essential Oils could be of benefit to you, and to answering any questions that you may have!



Essential Oil Consult

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