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"A healthy horse is a happy horse!" 


Comfort Gut is your all round essential gut health product. It is a mildly alkaline, ultra small pored, vegetal Activated Carbon of the highest quality which is produced specifially for ingestion. It adsorbs (binds to) toxins and excess stomach acid throughout the digestive tract and eliminates them in the manure. It may benefit horses who windsuck, struggle with poor condition, have runny manure, gassy or bloated tummys, excess acidity,  behavioural issues, anxiety, spookiness, or any other gut discomfort related issues.  

  • Proven results with hundreds of testamonials
  • FEI and racehorse legal
  • Recommended & trusted by international top level riders & trainers
  • Suitable for long term feeding at the recommended feeding rates.
  • *Safe to use in all horses, including pregnant & lactating mares, foals and stallions
  • *1kg lasts the average horse 4-8 weeks, and the average pony 6-12 weeks



100% Steam Activaed Carbon


**Special Note**

If your horse/pony is on any prescribed medication, plese consult with your vet prior to feeding Comfort Gut

DO NOT give Comfort Gut to any horse that has or is currently experiencing constipation problems

5kg Comfort Gut Original (Powder)

AU$345.00 Regular Price
AU$295.00Sale Price
  • Price includes postage & handling

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