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Warmblood Horse

DJ Park only recommends and stocks products that we use ourselves, and have found work well and to be great value for money



We are proud Victorian distributors of Savvy TouchVanilla Mozi, Stamanol, Comfort Gut, Ocean Feed Equine and Pink Hoof Clay  Products.  

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​DJ Park breeds and produces Performance Horses for the Olympic disciplines.


​At DJ Park Equestrian we focus on the breeding, training and production of quality performance horses for the Olympic disciplines of dressage and jumping. We believe that happy, healthy horses with talent, temperament and trainability will always give their best, and our aim is to see our horses reach their full potential in whichever discipline they are best suited.


DJ Park Equestrian is the result of a lifelong passion for horses. A childhood dream and goal in the making, DJ Stud commenced operations in 2007, with its home becoming established in 2012 at DJ Park in the stunning location of Bolinda, Victoria. Only 40 minutes from Melbourne CBD and 25 minutes from the airport, access for visitors is hassle free. Situated at the base of the Macedon Ranges, the country feel, fresh air and relaxed atmosphere at the property makes for happy and healthy people and animals alike.

The property was purchased with a view to establishing a thriving Equestrian & Training facility, with emphasis being placed on a wholistic approach to our horses being in balance, with correct nutrition, hoof care, health and handling. We believe quality is more important than quantity, and thus restrict our numbers to a level where health and wellbeing is not compromised. Our vision includes the development of an Equestrian Centre with high quality facilities, where horses can be trained and produced through early handling to the commencement of their competitive careers, together with lessons & clinics conducted with qualified instructors to develop both horses and riders to their full potential in whatever their chosen discipline.

We are passionate about keeping an open mind and pursuing ongoing education in all areas. Our approach to riding, coaching & training utilises the best of classical & natural methods and products, which work synergistically with the body to create and maintain balance in all areas- physical, mental & emotional. We combine this with the latest research and science based evidence, whilst recognising that science is an ever evolving field, with the result being a deeper connection between the horse and rider/owner.

Our methods evolve as society expands its knowledge- "know more, do better" sums up our approach. We also abide by the principle of primum non nocere, which is latin for "first do no harm" and is a guiding principle for physicians and medical practitioners that whatever the intervention or procedure, the patient's well-being is the primary consideration. We firmly believe that the well-being of the horse is and should always be the primary consideration, and as such, primum non nocere is very appropriate for equestrian pursuits as well.

Our horses are our partners, friends & teachers, and our lives are enriched by their presence. 

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